SJA Approach


Investment Philosophy

  • We invest for long-term growth with no fix investment time horizons
  • We make investments in sectors we know well
  • We will proactively be involved in the value creation process of our holdings
  • We will pursue persistent and sustainable value creation
  • We are committed to the best governance practices

Most of our portfolio is made up of companies in which we are the leading shareholder.

Alongside these companies, we have investments in two areas:

  • Financial : A concentrated equity portfolio of minority stakes in companies chosen based on fundamental research.
  • Seeds : Investments in early-stage companies, through which we back talented founders, continuing our history of entrepreneurship and innovation.

We are focused on developing trusted relationships and long-standing partnerships with current 

and or prospective business and investment partners. We also provide multi dimentional solutions 

for structured financial assistance to unlock additional value at our partners enterprises. 

Our credit investment strategies include:



Special Situations